About "Avetik"


"Askarian has created a majestically beautiful film. His present film is reaching into new areas of subconscious perception. In Askarian's image-making, a street of modern Berlin can lead to the luscious gardens of Armenia, straight to the environs of naked-breasted sirens invoking the timelines and sanctity of one's' cultural roots. As all visionaries of the diaspora, the director travels more through memory; in this case, his main character exits reality by simply crossing a road so that he can re-enter the realm of a deeper, more real and more personal world. Homeland is the basis of the artist's psyche, and in Askarian's film this is expressed in icons - like images of a religious dimension. Stepping into the world of watery greens or snowed-out expanses, his human figure, at times as a child at other times as an adult accompanied by the dog, the sheep, the childless mother all merge into the whole of experience of the subconscious self. It is the everlasting longing for the freedom, for the sensor communication of unconfessed messages and deeply felt desires. In warm earthly colours of reds, purples and browns "Avetik" should be seen as a visual poem, silent song telling of ancient truths which transcend time to become eternity. This is indeed a film of immense beauty and Askarian establishes himself as a director of deep sensitivities and memorable pictures".

Dimitri Eipides 
Director of Int'l Film Festival "Cinema Nouveau" Montreal

Together with Margarita Woskanian Filmproduction we have produced an extraordinary film "Avetik" by Don Askarian. l think this Armenian-German film will have a big artistic as well as political effect. Concerning Avetik l must add, that the film has been shot under murderous conditions -during the Civil War in Armenia - with a huge personal and financial risk for all participants

Eberhard Scharfenberg
NDR (GermanTV)

A journey through the memories, landscapes and innerf eelings of Armenia. A film full of exquisitely beautiful pictures, with mysterious meanings, a film on a quest fortruth. Don Askarian, who caused a Sensation with his last film in Venice, has decided to present his latest film. An event.

Dr. Michael Kotz
Director of 41th International Film Festival Mannheim

This film is an aesthetic revelation, and it is difficult to defineit 'politically' film. And yet the film bears witness to great consternation over the fate of the Armenian people and the destruction of the Armenian culture.

Gertjan Zuilhof
Film Festival Rotterdam


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