DV and BETA SP, 76 min, 
Germany, Armenia, 2000. 
Produced by Don Film Production in co-production with Askarian Film, Film 21 and ZDF-3sat. 

by Don Askarian. 

Sale and distribution by Don Film,


Folk-musicians earn their money on the streets of Armenian capital Yerevan, the ropewalkers dance in front of the old monastery Khor-Virap. Their improvisations appear like a poetic mirror for the psychical sensitivity of Armenians.  


What happens after the empire? - All know and expect it in the advance, only one thing they don't know: Despite the destruction, the disintegration, the humiliation, the social catastrophes of the war... despite the poverty, the betrayal... despite the annihilation of all bases of the life - the music sounds, and how it sounds! Higher and higher, over the human sorrow and over the pain! It is also one, daily practiced mental attitude, stand and exercise, that awakens a hope in the abandoned and in those, who already has lost the last hope. The film reports on the drummers, who can drum with the cut-off hands the way that...

About... that it is easy to go over the water, try it once in the air.

Don Askarian

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Script writer, director, editor
Don Askarian

Artak Markaryan

Production manager
Nune Hovhannisyan
Vardan Babayan

Assistants of director
Aschot Gevorkyan
Mikael Vatinyan

Computer editing
Arthur Tarposchyan

Manasar Movsissyan

Commissioning editor
Achim Forst - 3 sat

About"The Musicians:

I am very pleased indeed that we will have two world premieres of your films in the festival. I looked at Musicians the other day, and thought it was stunning and really liked what seemed to be the 'informal' structure moving between musicians and everyday sights and events.

Simon Field
Director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam

Musicians is a nearly wordless look at the diverse strands of music found on the streets and in the clubs of Armenia today, and at the musicians who create it out of chaos. Percussionists perched in bombed-out buildings, accordionists in subway stops, brass bands roaming ancient streets, even ravers and DJs in strobe-lit dance clubs: the film captures the full range of the sounds - and the sights - of its nation's musical expression. For the director, an Armenian dissident jailed in 1975 and exiled in 1978, Musicians reveals not just the songs, but the hope within them.

Jason Sanders

Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive

I saw your new film entitled Musician in Yamagata.
I found it very much wonderful, powerful and serene. I was so impressed... .
I do hope new film will be distributed around the world.

Mikiro Kato
University of Kyoto