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16 mm, BETA SP, 60 min, color.
Script Direction Editing, Art Direction by Don Askarian.
Produced by Don Film In Co-Production with Margarita Woskanian and ZDF-ARTE, 1998.

Language: Russian.
Beta SP tapes with English, French and German subtitles.

Copyright, sale and distribution by Don Film,




Year 1989. Rotterdam Film Festival. Farewell at hotel "Hilton". And he speaks: «Help to shoot "Confession"». In reply: «The child of two fathers, will be born bastard». Actually I wanted to say: «This lustful, voracious, scruffy lady, whose name is cinema, needs to be fucked as to... And only loners - they were less than fingers on one hand - only those who work in deep, infinite loneliness...». Afterwards, he was dying long in Armenia - asking all the time to visit him, and I was shooting "Avetik" all the time. At last, I came. He pretended he was already dead. Then I pulled out of my pocket a cloth bought in Goa from gipsy woman (all winds of the Indian ocean unable to overcome the strong smell of her genitals), and unfold it. There was a lion watching TV, there was an elephant twisting pedals... he opened his eyes a little to look at the woman's ring, who had come with me - the diamonds and sapphire were original. Amazed Sergey even half rose - and the bitch-death left us alone for a couple of hours... Then he died and there was semi-official filthy - crowd of jackals were fighting for percents from his glory... I've told myself: «After, after when a corpse will divide and carry away... ». And here the film is ready. I know, it is close to your heart, and sorry, that I'll show it to others ...

Quotation from the film

Paradjanov: - Well, we had tubs hanging in our toilet, and I liked it when they resonated. I sat in the toilet, sat there long and was singing arias. Then, it turned out that I have ballet capabilities and was given to the ballet studio. Then father who had come to the graduation, shouted that he does not want to have a federast son, as he said, but wants me to dance Asian dances. But I was not good at this - Asian dances, but, rather Saint-Sence, "The Dying Swan". And if now, at per 64, I am checking whether I can sound high notes, I do this in the toilet again where the same tubs are hanging - since tubs, for some reason, do not age or wear out but live as resonators of my fate.



Armenia-Germany 1998 (60 min)
American Premiere!

screens on Fri 12/3 7:00, Sat 12/4 4:00

Drawing on archival footage, fragments of interviews, and scenes from his films, this newly constructed portrait of Sergey Paradjanov was composed by the highly accomplished Armenian director Don Askarian (Komitas, Avetik). According to the director's synopsis: "The year is 1989. The place is the film festival in Rotterdam. Farewell at the Hilton Hotel. And Paradjanov says,‘Help me make Confession.’ I answer, ‘As a child of two fathers, the film will be born a bastard."

Directed by Don Askarian (Russian with English voice-over, color, 16mm on Beta SP)


Script writer, director, editor
Don Askarian

Vahagn Ter – Hakobyan

Anahit Kesayan

Assistant of director & editor
Nune Hovhannisyan

Assistant of Cameraman
Alexander Davtyan

Audio Mix
Arthur Torossyan

Arthur Khachatryan

Commissioning Editors
Harald Herzog
Hans-Peter Kochenrath
ZDF-Spielfilm 3

Co-produced with financial support of

Copyright by Don Film, 1998