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Cine-World Film Festival2001
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Cine-World Film Festival 2001 
starts Friday, November 2 through November 11!

The Sarasota Film Society's Cine-World Film Festival, now in its 12th year, features over 40 films with selections from the best of the Cannes, New York and Toronto Film Festivals. Please support the arts in our community.


Don't miss our three-film tribute to great Armenian Director, Don Askarian. This year's Cine-World festival showcases some of his best work with KOMITAS, AVETIK, ON THE OLD ROMAN ROAD. See the schedule below for showtimes and a complete synopsis of each film.


D. Don Askarian, Armenia, Germany, 1992 (Arm/Eng. subtitles) 84 m
This film thrills the eyes and boggles the mind. It takes you on a journey of the mind that leads to heaven or hell- a succulent garden full of bare-breasted goddesses or a frozen steppe of devastation and death.
Thurs 11/8, 2:30

D. Don Askarian, Armenia, Germany, 1988 (Arm/Eng. subtitles) 96 m
This film was dedicated to the Armenian monk and composer, Komitas, and the 2 million victims of the genocide of his people in Turkey in 1915. The final 20 years of his life were spent in various mental hospitals, but his story is one of a cultural and artistic world that was slaughtered with a knife.
Wed 11/7, 5:00

D. Don Askarian, Holland, 2001 90m
An old Armenian writer living on a houseboat in Rotterdam writes the story of his own life. His story is the story of his people. Seamlessly juxtaposing scenes from the present with scenes from the past, renowned Armenian director, Askarian, has made a magical film about love and political brutality suffered by the Armenian and Kurdish people.
Fri 11/2, 7:20. Sat 11/3, 12:15

Cine-World Film Festival 2001