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22 Dec. 1998

Any one know of films by writer-director Don Askarian? He has created some extremely surreal and hauntingly beautiful Images yet I can't seem to find him in the film reference guides. To give you some idea of his artistry here is a description of a short sequence in one of his films titled Komitas. "In one sequence, Askarian's camera enters a monastery and focuses on religious icons painted on a cracked plaster wall. A minute or two after rain begins falling outside, streams of water begin to flow down the wall - which literally crumbles and dissolves before the camera's unblinking gaze. Hidden in a compartment behind the wall is a ancient-looking scroll and a long-necked pitcher filled with a bright blue liquid. In another sequence, the camera explores a dark room strewn with broken musical instruments and related paraphernalia. Komitas cowers in the darkest corner while a swarm of bees buzz around the room."

Thanks in advance,

Don wheeler-mings.

Bill Cleere