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Bill Cleere
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Fujioka Asako
Rodriges Andres
Cine-World Film Festival2001
Rouben Kochar
Giuliana La Volpe
Russell Hoogasian
Don Askarian 24.01.2002
Kelly Clement 06.02.2002
Kelly Clement 12.02.2002
Neery Melkonian 11.07.2002
Don Askarian 18.07.2002
Don Abcarian 21.07.2002

11 July 2002

"Congratulations Don! I saw your film at the Armenian Film Festival at New York University last week. It was a visual feast and technical masterpiece. At the same time, I found it to be an intellectual, psychological and emotional labrynth that demanded way too much even from a seasoned viewer like me! Best, NM"

Neery Melkonian

see please the replay