Films - Nagorno Karabakh: Armenian History IV and V Volumes  

Documentary video film, 60 min, color and b/w,
Germany,1988. Script and Direction by Don Askarian.
Produced by Don Askarian and Margarita Woskanian.
Broadcasted on German TV.

Language: Russian and Armenian with German & English subtitles.
by Don Askarian.

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In 1988 the largest demonstrations and strikes ever in the history of the Soviet Union took place in Armenia. The immediate cause for it was the demand of Nagorno Karabakh, an autonomous area in Azerbaijan, to be an administratively accounted Armenian territory.

Don Askarian

" A documentary about the suffering of the Armenian minority in Azerbaijan, it is the most straightforward of the three films in the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema by director Don Askarian. Askarian, an Armenian who lives in exile in Berlin, prefers to work with powerful and lyrical images rather than narrative. Here, he has assembled smuggled video footage that recounts torture, rape and murder. "Ethnic cleansing", that appalling entry into the political vocabulary of the '90s, is here depicted in flesh and blood - with the emphasis on the latter. The conflict may seem parochial and remote, but the testimony in Nagorny Karabakh reflects pain that is being felt in many parts of the world".

Desmond Ryan,
"The Philadelphia Inquirer" May 7, 1993